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    A new Tide


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    A new Tide

    Post  Firo on Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:37 am

    Hey Everyone, I decided this was a good a place as any to introduce myself.
    My name is Michael Beaumont, I've been a very competitive member of the Yu-Gi-Oh community for a few years now.
    I am also an official Konami Judge, having judged multiple Regional Events and YCS Dallas. So if you ever have any questions about rulings just send me a message and I'll definitely answer it.

    I have topped a couple of Regionals piloting Wind-ups and Dino-Rabbit. At Nationals 2012 I piloted Macro Rabbit and placed 103.
    I've also day 2'd at YCS Long Beach piloting Gemini Beat.

    I'm good friends with Bernard Hong, one of the biggest vendors in the USA, so feel free to add him on facebook if you need any cards. He will give you a great deal.

    A little more about myself, I'm from Houston, Tx. Which means I play with some of the top tier players like Billy Brake at my Regionals.

    I'm pretty certain I'm the most experienced player on this board so feel free to ask me for deck help or anything of the like. Very Happy
    ~The Academy~ ! goth
    ~The Academy~ ! goth

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    Re: A new Tide

    Post  ~The Academy~ ! goth on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:53 am

    cheers cheers cheers cheers Cool

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