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    for Who love Heros :D , heros deck


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    for Who love Heros :D , heros deck

    Post  masteer on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:00 pm

    hey guys Smile , here's a good heros deck
    Start with monsters 10
    Elemental Hero Stratos 1x
    Elemental Hero Alius 3x
    Effect Veiler 3x
    Thunder King 2x
    Honest 1x
    spells 16
    Miracle Fusion 3x
    Gemini Spark 3x
    Pot of Duality 2x
    E-Emergency Call 2x
    Forbidden Chalice 1x
    Monster Reborn 1x
    Heavy Storm 1x
    Dark Hole 1x
    Rota 1x
    Super Polymerization 1x
    Traps 14
    Solemn Judgement 1x
    Solemn Warning 2x
    Dimensional Prison 2x
    Skill Drain 2x
    Dark Bribe 2x
    Hero Blast 3x
    BTH 1x
    Starlight Road 1x
    The Shining 2x
    Absolute Zero 1x
    Nova Master 1x
    Great Tornado 1x
    Gaia 1x
    Escuridao 1x
    Vision HERO Adoration 1x
    Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste 1x
    Number 39: Utopia 1x
    Photon Papilloperative 1x
    Blade Armor Ninja 1x
    Maestroke The Symphony Djinn 1x
    Heroic Champion Excalibur 1x
    Stardust Dragon 1x
    Side Deck
    Macro Cosmos 3x
    Shadow Imprisoning Mirror 2x
    Light Imprisoning Mirror 2x
    Forbidden Lance 2x
    MST 2x
    Super Poly 1x
    Snowman Eater 2x
    D.D Warrior Lady 1x
    i was test this deck today and it's work well with me Smile , it's just need some skill

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